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Silver Both Industrial Ltd (SBTools), established in 1974, specializes in exporting hand tools, and hardware.

SBTOOLS features wide range of hand tools from woodworking to garden, to auto-repair, and more. Anything you need for your workshop, garage, yard or even just for general household usage, you’ll can find it at SBTools.

For woodworking products, the company features their dust collection series with dust collectors, vacuum cleaners, blast gate/adapters, to safety gear one would need when working on woodworking projects.

The correct use of dust collection system is extremely important for either huge factory or end-users. SBTools’ has designed well-organized dust collection systems that can remove dirt, dust, and even some chemical in the air which could damage your health while working on a project. The company looks to prolong equipment lifespans and improve production.

SBTools has been in the industry for almost 50 years, has set up a good reputation among their customers around the world and many of them are with us since the beginning of our company. The company works closely with Hitachi, Clarke International, Stanely/Facom, JULA, and many other brands, and can provide OEM/ODM service.



公司名稱: 統銀實業股份有限公司