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Deng Tay Hwa Co., Ltd. has more than thirty-year experience in manufacturing building hardware.
The quality, price and service of products win the good command from various industries. If you are interested in purchasing our products, please illustrate the dimensional drawings, materials, surface treatment methods, delivery date, transaction items, matters needing attention by e-mail to us for our convenience operating to create a win-win situation.

Main Products :
Specialized in stainless steel, pure brass, aluminum, iron
1. Stainless steel removing flag type hinges
2. Stainless steel utility type hinges
3. Stainless steel removing flag type hinges
4. Stainless steel type loose joint hinges
5. Stainless steel hinges with ball bearing
6. Stainless steel narrow type hinges
7. Stainless steel hinges
8. Stainless steel extra heavy hinges
9. Stainless steel action spring hinges
10. Stainless steel welding butt
11. Grand embossed hinges
12. Stainless steel stamping pendulum hardware accessories
13. Bolts


鉸鏈, 門閂, 門扣


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