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Poly Color Film Ltd.(PCFCL) was established in 1985. After 17 years of outstanding achiverement
, PCFCL has earned great reputation and respect in the industry of window solar film in Taiwan.
Her success relies on its excellent teamwork and consistency of honesty over the years; with the
effort of all staff, PCFCL not only maintains its best quality of all products, she also is well known
as one of the major manufactureres and suppliers in the world. But this is not the final goal of PCFCL; knowing that the enviroment which Taiwan is now facing would be more competitive and
challenging than ever after joining the WTO, PCFCL has adapted itself to a series of reformation
to improve the competency. Such reformation includes; standarization, automation,
computerization and moreover, expanding the sales channels and overseas offices...etc.

As already, products of PCFCL can be found in major world markets covering areas like North,
Middle & South of America, Japan, Europe, Middle East, S.E.Asia and China. Despite these
achievements, PCFCL is planning to further expand the business territory by promoting
diversified products. Every staff of PCFCL is committed to the determination of "maintain good
human asset, introduce new technology, innovation, development and, customer first", and by
using various resources with every piece of effort, we trust PCFCL will successfully become an
everlasting enterprise.


太陽能車窗膜, 強化玻璃窗, 天窗

公司名稱: 波利實業股份有限公司
地址: 326 桃園縣楊梅鎮梅獅路2段445巷7號
電話: 886-3-482-9811
傳真: 886-3-482-9311
網址: www.polycolor.com.tw