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YU SHINY ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. founded in 2003 with talented design groups as its specialty in
plastic for PP or PE many various plastic bags producing machine.

We always insist on improving mechanical performance honestly in order to reduce possible trouble rate,
further more to offer excellent and outstanding products.
Our goal is to continuously and endlessly improve & upgrade ourselves and to achieve the level of technology
and production management, which will ensure high quality of all products and services.
We make high-quality products, and offer the most perfect service marketing in the whole world, we look
forward to your support and encouragement, which would be the principal power to push us advance


專業製造各類塑膠押出機, 製袋封切機設備, 內頁資料袋自動訂本封切機, 全自動分段卡製造機, 自動商業夾製造機, 伺服控制電腦式雙線資料袋封切機

公司名稱: 煜祥實業股份有限公司