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Kanjin has been manufacturing fluorescent fixtures for 22 years. Our first plant was set up in Taiwan in 1978. Because of increasing demand for our products and continuous product innovation, we set up a plant in Shanghai in 1992.

"Quality is life" is the conviction and core value of Kanjin. We have acquired certifications from ISO, the European CE, and UL of the U.S. High-quality product makes it possible for us to sell our products to an ever-growing market around the world.

Our T5 fluorescent fixture is a new product introduced this year. It is designed to be energy efficient and complies with environmental protection standards. It features a soft and subtle design, making it especially suitable for high-profile office buildings, international hotels, and classy retail outlets.


緊急照明燈, 夜燈, 軌道燈, 嵌燈, 格型日光燈, 燈泡

公司名稱: 倍好有限公司