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Hua Shuo Plastics Co., Ltd. is a company that meticulously manufactures the cart series products. We believe that out carts of “attentive production and elaborate design” will bring you more efficient management and convenience whether on your work of in your life.

In the plastic cart circles, we constantly innovate and improve our technology and products. Our products are recognized and approved by the extensive users, and they love to use our products. Hence, we stand firmly and have our own place in the cart circles.

Our company consistently adopts the better quality and service to provide to the extensive users, and still continues to research and develop more topnotch carts and more wonderful products to elevate each client's competitiveness in the market, wishing to present the extensive clients with the best unique and exclusive products and patent products.


工具車, 工作桌, 服務推車

公司名稱: 華塑塑膠有限公司