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Wayworld Engineering Fasteners Corporation (Wayworld), established in May 2003 and focus on the external threaded fasteners and products for automotive and industrial application. Wayworld offers various types of screws, bolts, SEMS and studs; employs the material of carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel to meet customer requirements.

Understanding end customer wants and needs is important to Wayworld manufacture and process control. Through varies research and statistical methodologies (FMEA, SPC, MSA etc), our engineer, manufacturing and quality staff experience continuous improvement to meet customers' requirements on cost reduction, quality level and delivery.


焊接螺栓, MAThread/MATpoint產品, 直齒螺栓, 崁合螺栓, 肩部螺栓, 車用扣件, 工業用扣件 及 其他特殊扣件

公司名稱: 鍏宏科技股份有限公司