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Ningbo Yinzhou Mingda Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.


We are AOKLITE (Ningbo Yinzhou Mingda Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.), a special manufacturer of various kinds of Aluminum torch and LED torch.

We will be happy to assist you if you are looking for items such as house lighting, outdoor and sporting applications, law Enforcement and Military Applications, Industrial, Automotive, DIY Applications, gifts & premiums.

From day to day, we always supply our customers with exclusive products, competitive price and excellent service. It is all about power and excitement in AOKLITE products.

At AOKLITE, things are in good train. We always take care of every detail.Maybe you have an idea, but you cannot find anything on the Internet. Please send us a message and if it is an interesting idea, we would like doing it for you. It is AOK!


LED Torch, LED Desk Lamp

公司名稱: Ningbo Yinzhou Mingda Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.