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S Lite Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) was established in May of 2001 and started to take shape in early Oct ober of the year 2000.

S Lite currently has the capacity to produce all the hardware, die-castings and pressing components for it's own application. Including In-house coating and surface treatment capabilities. S LITE currently is one of the most comprehensive manufacturer s in the pursuit of high quality and improved technology for achieving it's own goals in the industry. For Die-casting components, S Lite has the capability of producing it's own tooling, but we subcontract to outside vendors for the production of casting parts”

Although S Lite has been established for only a few years, we already have a full line of products including Wall-Mount, Architectural, Indoor, Industrial (Low&High Bay), Under-cabinet and Emergency Exit Lighting products. All of these products are approved for UL/CUL safety regulatory requirements. Now, we are able to provide a full line of products based on our catalogue. We feel that we can be able to provide and brighten your needs, now and in the future.

S Lite feels that it's strongest areas are:

• Vertical Integration of components for Lighting products production. S Lite belongs to a group of companies that supply and manufacture hardware, electrical parts, ballasts and other manufacturing associated with HID lighting systems

• Most of the people that are working for S Lite have at least fifteen years of experience in this industry, they know and understand the business and also the safety application of such products.

• S Lite capabilities of designing Lighting fixtures based on Power output, wattage, Light source (MV, HPS, and MH), Candle Power Distribution Plot, Heat enclosure design, tooling design have all contributed to the success of such a amazing wide range of products.

d. We are ISO-9002 approved facilities with the pursuit of even higher standards for the industry, we have all products approved for UL/CUL, TUV/GS, CE. We are also are an approved OEM manufacturer for HOME DEPOT for indoor lighting products.

We provide our customers with many products for most commercial and industrial applications, covering the United States, Canada and European countries. We are focused to supply this market with high quality, low cost lighting products for commercial, industrial and residential uses.

S Lite has a highly trained staff and engineering department for the development of lighting fixtures and other lighting products. We sincerely wish that we would continue to grow based on what we have achieved so far. We welcome all customers that are dedicated to the pursuit of high quality and we are specialized in dealing with OEM projects.


其他特殊功能燈具, 放電燈(HID燈), 工程燈, 戶外燈/路燈/工作燈, 投光燈/探照燈, 嵌燈, 單吊燈, 吸頂燈

公司名稱: 弘祥國際有限公司