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The Gingko tree has existed for 250 million years, and from ancient times its leaf has been regarded as an embodiment of beauty. In terms of biological evolution, it is a precious "living fossil." it symbolizes the eternity of life and the willpower to overcome the severities of the living environment.

All Transtime Tools are designed and manufactured to meet European and U.S. specifications and standards. We assure you that users of Transtime Tools can not only increase working efficiency, but also better enjoy their life and pleasure of work.


扳手, 套筒, 手動工具配件, 套筒扳手組/套筒, 一般扳手/扳鉗, 無齒棘輪扳手握把, 衝擊扳鉗 & 氣動套筒, 汽車修護配件, 氣動棘輪扳手, 複合板手, 雙開板手, 雙梅板手, 六角板手, 手工具, 棘輪板手, 鎚擊單梅板手, 鎚擊單開板手, 氣動套筒, 半月型板手, 輪胎板手, 管線鉗板手

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