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As a leading mold manufacturer in Taiwan, we make precision molds for plastic molders including automotive, fitness, sports, household, computer and hardware items. Our buyers come from more than
20 countries, including North American, Europe and Aisa.
Featuring unparalleled mold design/manufacture experience and advanced technical know-how, we are equipped with high-speed CNC machines, EDMs attached with automatic tool-change on our production lines, which enable us to provide automatic (light-off) machining process, save production cost and enhance quality of molds.
By delivering high-speed precision molds with the highest C/P values, we can offer
efficient tools that enable customers to optimize plastic molding. Please contact us for further information. We believe we can be your competitive edge in the market.


塑膠押出機, 塑膠成型機, 塑膠真空成型機, 塑膠射出成型機, 塑膠機械用零件, 塑膠模具, 橡膠模具

公司名稱: 楷模工業股份有限公司