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ADDRESS: No. 131, Rueihe St. DaLi District, Taichung City,
Taiwan R.O.C.
ESTABLISHMENT: Since April 15, 1979
TEL: (04) 2495 0259
FAX: (04) 2493 4507

SPECIALIZATION: Precision Engine Lathe, Variable-speeds lathe,
Heavy Duty Lathe and CNC lathe.
SQUARE MEASURE: 1,745 M 18,780 ft

Factory's Successive Changes & history:

1979established at No. 3, Nong 5, Line 33, Kuang Ming Rd., WU Jih, Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C. Factory's Area was 265 square meter. Began to produce High speed lathe, annual turnover was 80 units. 1980March, we were judged and decided by Bureau of Commodity inspection & Quarantine, MOEA. to be a quality-qualified exporting factory. 1982moved to No. 72, Line 157, Kuang Ming Rd., WU Jih, Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C. Factory's Area 826 square meter. 1993reached the highest turnover 700 units in this year, and the quantity of lathes exporting to Germany accumulated to 1000 units. Shye Sheng was ranked to be the 20th Lathe Exporter in 1993 1994July, moved to No. 9, 18th Road, Taichung Industrial park, Taichung City. Capital increased to be 10 million NT dollars, and area 1752 square meter. 1994November, passed through the inspection by the Europe Common Market Inspected Bureau, AIB-VINCOTTE Inter n.f.p. Our lathes were inspected in compliance with the requirements of the EC Machinery Directive, the harmonized Safety Standards. We became the first High-;Speed lathe manufacturer permitted to export to Europe Common Market in Taiwan. 2007May, moved to No. 131, Rueihe St. DaLi City and change name GOSAN MACHINERY CO., LTD. 2009October, our whole series meet SGS requirements and get the new CE certificate, including: Machinery Directive, Low Voltage Directive, and EMC. 2010January, cooperate with Pin-Jeng Machinery Company to develop CNC lathe with Deep hole drilling. 2012June, develop the drilling install on manual Lathe for Japan’s shipyard. 2013December, cooperate with Canada customer to get the CSA certificate.


教導式電腦車床, 普通車床, 檯式車床, 高速精密車床


公司名稱: 高尚精機股份有限公司
地址: 411 台中市大里區瑞和街131號
電話: 886-4-2495-0259
傳真: 886-4-2493-4507
網址: www.shyesheng.com