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VIM was founded in 2000, a combination of manufacturer and distributor of nails, rivet nuts and pneumatic tools.
The company itself is not only a business department
to these factories but also the R&D center of those
products. We can see the future needs and bring
them to realities and to our customers.
Despite the age of the VIM, we have years of
experience in specific fields.
Over 20 years in producing
nails, 10 years in
pneumatic tools.
In business, we believe a
complete service is the best
plicy, so we do not spend our time in exaggerating
our products. Whatever needs from our customers
are exactly what we are offering. To serve our customers better to be better than our words. "We are better than our words" is our spirit
In production, we always search for products that will meet the need of future market.We believe the R&D itself can put the company and our customers in the leading position of the competitive market.



公司名稱: 沛辰企業有限公司