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HSUTECH ENTERPRISE CO. LTD is founded by Mr. Leo Hsu, who has been hard at work to bring the best tool technology into the market and continue introducing the latest air tools and hand tools advancements to our overseas customers. Tools from HSUTECH have been strictly tested to hold up to the rigors and demands of today's automotive & industrial markets. With more than 12 years experience in the professional markets, plus very strong industrial tool manufacturers support; It’s our promise to provide you high quality tools at very competitive pricing for which is our priority task. Contact HSUTECH (www.hustech.com ) now, you will have all quality tools with best tool technology in your hands.


衝擊扳鉗, 氣動鎚, 氣動鑽, 氣動起子, 氣動噴槍, 氣動砂紙磨光器, 氣動棘輪扳手, Air Cutting Tools

公司名稱: 富磯企業有限公司