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As a well-known professional manufacturer and exporter of various electronic equipments & Anti-slip mats, our company——Hefei Brother Lighting Co. Ltd. has done business with worldwide customers and made great achievement in the recent years. Advanced technology, high quality and competitive price of products, well-tr-ained export team and heard-to-heard service win us a good reputation and the trust of customers.
In order to expand the range of business and achieve the diversification of products to meet different cust-omers' needs, we take the challenge to do business in machinery. Being involved in the sale of diesel / gasoli-ne generator sets and mini-trucks, we have flexible sale manner and payment, strong financial support and e-cellent suppliers. We are in business for customers' convenience.
Please give us a chance and we will return you a surprise.
We are better in doing than speaking.



公司名稱: 合肥市兄弟照明有限公司