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Richtek is a professional company integrating with R&D, manufacture and service. Since its incorporation, it has been achieving steady and rapid growth and has become one of the enterprises exerting influence in the industry by adopting innovation, specialization and perfect quality as its core of development, ceaselessly designing unique appearance of products and exploring functions of products, reducing costs, employing constantly improving and perfecting as its strategy, making great efforts to develop talents and building up top grade technical and managerial team based on its establishment and implementation of ISO/TS16949 quality guarantee system, and high automatization and specialization.

We have a R&D team consisting of personnel engaged in industrial design, plane design, mechanical design and electronic design; therefore, we are able to, while constantly develop products, bring clients' ideas into the design of products to satisfy their special requirements and to make our products perfect in their industrial design, function exploration, structure design, circuit design, and quality and cost control and to realize that each new product is the perfect combination of mechanism, electronics and art.

We have the complete capability of large-batch assembly of mechanical and electrical products, plastic part figuration, PCB chip processing, die casting of zinc and aluminum alloy, design and manufacture of plastic dies and hardware dies, manufacture of digital and mechanical pressure meters, and making of handbags. We would like to cooperate with clients in OEM and ODM.