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Spec Products Corp.,as one of the affiliated companies of QST, is established to serve customers with Expertise Personal Care, Day & Night Fast Response, Integrated Fastener/Non Fastener Products Supply and Global Souring Ability, etc. To use in-house factories with 6 optical sorting machines and also work with long term, reliable and high quality sub-factories who are QS-9000 certified (PPAP are all available and some are even 0 PPM) and moreover with final safeguard of quality care by Q-Lab Inc. are the key to commit the orders we receive from long term & respectable customers.Small operations with flexibility and quick response & action, long year experience & expertise and very low overhead are the way we can assist customer meet Global Competition and Cost Saving.


螺絲,車輛零件,車用螺絲, 螺釘帽, 橡皮圈, 特殊按釦及零件, 螺栓, 華司, 車輪橡塑膠零件, 螺母, 螺帽, 車用螺絲, 防鬆螺帽, 特殊按扣及零件, 輪圈螺栓, 金屬成型加工, 衝壓, 壓鑄, 鑄件, 粉末冶金件, 鍛件, 巴士貨車及其他重型車零配件, 摩托車零件

公司名稱: 友鋮股份有限公司