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The name "InnoBrain" represents the abbreviation of "Innovation + Brain", demonstrates "innovation by the power of brain". InnoBrain Technology Co., Ltd. is established in October 2001. We concentrate business on developing innovative air bag devices based on nearly 10 patents on "fasten-on air bag" and "inflatable head restraint".
In March 2003, InnoBrain had honorly received the funding of "Small Business Innovation Research Fund" from government on the subject of "Fasten-on Air Bag". Through the cooperation with Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, InnoBrain has accumulated quite capacity in developing innovative air bag systems.
Foreseeing the new trend of occupant protection, InnoBrain is also put effort in developing a dynamic head restraint to answer the need of head protection. By cooperation with Pro-Glory Enterprise Co., Ltd. and Uni Auto Parts Manufacture Co., Ltd., we are currently developing inflatable head restraint which can be built in the sports racing seats and passenger seats.
The innovative "inflatable head restraint" will be first release to the market in the 20th Taipei Int'l Auto/Motorcycle Parts & Accessories Show 2004 (TAIPEI AMPA 2004), on this May 24th-27th.
James Pan,
2F. 38-2, Jinan Rd. Sec. 2, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. 10021
InnoBrain Technology Co. Ltd.,
Tel:886-(2)2397-4934 fax:886-(2)2351-7451
E-mail: inno.brain@msa.hinet.net


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