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MERRYFAIR was established in 1974 to manufacture component parts and sooner ventured into making office chairs in 1982. It soon became a leading office chair manufacturer in Malaysia and successfully exported the office chair to the international market since 1985. From its modest beginning, Merryfair is today a financially secure, modern and dynamic company. It is set to scale greater heights in the new millennium under the able leadership of its founder, Mr. Ong Hooi Lim. As a visionary and dynamic business leader, Mr. Ong had propelled Merryfair to a leading company in the office furniture industry in Malaysia and so as globally.

On the local industry, Merryfair has an extensive channel network of dealers and corporate clients. The latter includes government and corporations from the hospitality, banking, hotels, insurance and other industries. Its local showroom at Danau Kota, Setapak displays its complete range of office furniture from the line of Merryfair' s latest design.
In the International Export, Merryfair have been marketing to more than 50 countries, among the countries are United States of America, Canada, Antigua and Barbara, Dominican Republic, Netherlands, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, European nations, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Middle East countries, Africa, Asia and South East Asia.

The Worldwide recognition has proven that Merryfair has a winning philosophy - to produce optimum office furniture for various tasks without compromising on comfort and quality. Its aim is to improve the working conditions in the office, thereby increasing the productivity and efficiency of human resources. Merryfair has attained this goal owing to its commitment to research and development. With the aid of state-of-the-art computer technology and expertise, it has succeeded in producing chairs with a competitive edge in terms of ergonomics, aesthetical value, functionality, durability and price.
For greater production efficiency, specialised machines and equipment are acquired to use in the different production processes. Quality control is stringent and methodically carried out at every stage of production. A significant portion of the manufacturing process is undertaken internally and this enables Merryfair to respond quickly to customer' s requirements with intelligent solutions.
Merryfair manufactures a wide range of models made of different materials and for various functions. It includes premier leather chairs, executive chairs, secretarial chairs and chairs for public seating. The chairs are designed for flexibility and offer ergonomic features that allow the individual to adjust the chairs to suit his or her body postures. The support provided aligns the pelvis and spinal column to the correct posture, relieving joints and muscles of undue strain, thus making it possible to sit comfortably in different work positions. With Merryfair chairs, quality is seen and felt, an experience in itself.
Besides its vast range of chairs to cater for every office or home need, Merryfair has complemented its product line with the M3 System & Connexion office partitioning systems that include panels of various sizes, panels with glass options and comprehensive array of accessories which compliments with Merryfair range of chairs, and it also provide a complete Office solutions of today's interior furnishing package.
Merryfair were bestowed with numerous Prestigious Awards through the years which follow with the Industry Excellence Award by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry in 1995. They have also passed stringent tests of international standards such as certificates from FRIM (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia) and AFRDI (Australasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute). In 2003, Merryfair won the SMI-DHL Export Excellence Award in the SMI Recognition Award 2003 which is organized by SMI Malaysia.
In its pursuit for excellence, Merryfair has helped set exemplary standards of quality and this was rewarded with further recognition of its products through the ISO 9002 certification in 1998, an achievement that has put Merryfair inline with achieving productivity and quality control. Within gaining of ISO 9002, Merryfair quest for success did not stop in pursuing ISO 9001 which was certified in 2003. ISO 9001:2000 provide Certified Merryfair to be excellent in R&D and Productive in its manufacturing process.

Behind much of Merryfair' s success and development are its dedicated staffs who had provided the synergizing efforts from different department to work in a seamless corporation in together to build a reputable company in the Chair Manufacturing Industries. With the teamwork, Merryfair is well prepared to expand it's marketing activities by exploring new business opportunities in the local channel & exportation of products to the new foreign market.

Extensive marketing activities are been carried out to promote Merryfair chairs and brand corporate identities through participating annually in World Trade Fairs and Major Furniture Exhibitions around the Globe.

The Merryfair website at www.merryfair.com, have provided an Online Catalogue to those interested International business representative and local market to view and study the products literature.

As in 21st century, Merryfair will continue growing the operation by producing new Aesthetical & Ergonomic chairs in cater to Today's consumer needs and demand, which will generate profitable revenues through meeting it' s annual forecast. The continual corporate expanding efforts will create new horizon and opening up unexplored export market opportunities.


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