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With over ten years’ experience in the manufacture of high-quality precision lathes. Win Ho is known for its high-quality machines and fast service. The company stresses three concepts: “Innovation”, by continually upgrading its facilities and developing new technologies to meet market demands; “Determination”, by always trying to produce the best quality of lathe for all of its customers; “Application”, by finding the right machine for the right job.

The company’s extensive after-sales service aims to ensure a lifetime of trouble-free operation. Its main product lines are Inverter Transmission Lathe and High Speed Precision Lathe.

Win Ho has developed a bigger size of lathe in recent years. The maximum size has a swing of 760mm and length of 4000mm. With a spindle bore of 115mm, it can work on large-diameter workpieces. The tailstock has bearings on the bottom and can be moved easily. The thermal-treated Meehanite bed casting features high hardness, wear-resistance and longer machine life.

Like all Win Ho lathes, it has a one-piece base that provides high rigidity and low vibration. The gears are fixed in the spindle box by built-in method, so it is suitable for heavy cutting processes and will not skip speeds. The universal gearbox has both imperial and metric thread, and it is easy to thread different pitches without changing gears. A conversion table is attached for added convenience.

All gears inside the headstock are made of alloy steel, thermal treated and precision ground. The spindle bearings are used FAG or SKF, and there is an overload device to ensure operational safety. The use of bronze nuts for both leadscrew and cross-slide screw increases precision and machine life. There is also a high-capacity coolant tank to ensure adequate coolant output.

With its extensive lineup of high precision lathes, Win Ho has one to fit jobs big and small.


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公司名稱: 威赫科技工業股份有限公司