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With over 2 decades of manufacturing and product development expertise Witman Corporation Ltd., has become one of the leader in innovative DIY and furniture fitting hardware accessories development and manufacture.

Our efficient key manufacturing operations particularly in Chunghua (Taiwan), Shanghai and Hangzhou (China) cover the following product areas:
- Tool Accessories
- Precision Screwdrivers
- Fasteners
- Furniture Fittings
- Promotional Sets

Furthermore, together with our in-house design centre and tooling specialist we are capable to create industrial designs and innovative products to highest possible customer requirement.

For further information, please contact us under website: info@witmanco.com


金屬零件, 建材五金, 螺絲, 華司, 家具五金零配件

公司名稱: 歐貿實業股份有限公司