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In March 1993, Mr. Zhenzhong Chai (Chairman of the Board) founded Yoky Industrial & Trading Co. Ltd in Guangzhou, China, and has pioneered the development of a new generation of filters (or called " Yoky filters ") using ultra high molecular weight composite material.
In April of 1995 after more than two years of intensive R & D efforts, the Company successfully launched the first family of Yoky auto filters which passed the standard tests by China State Automobile Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center. According to the standard test results, Yoky filters have a minimum filtration efficiency of 98. 62% which meet or surpass international industrial standards in all testing categories. Yoky filters also eliminate many technical and performance deficiencies associated with traditional paper and fiber filter media, representing a major breakthrough in the world of filtration products and technologies.
Relocated in Shenzhen and renamed as Yoky Industrial Co. Ltd in December 1995, the Company entered the initial stage of scaled production and has been selected by numerous domestic auto manufacturers as the OEM supplier of auto filters. In order to expand the production capacity and to meet the fast growing market demand for Yoky filters, the Company received equity financing from a group of primier international investment institutions. As a result, a new Sino - foreign joint venture ----- Yoky Filters Co. Ltd was formed in April 1999 with total investment of RMB 66, 660, 000 yuan. Nowadays, the Company occupies a plant area of 5, 100 square meters and is capable of producing 30 million pieces of various types of Yoky brand filters a year with unique proprietary production technology and process. Advanced quality control and production management system have been developed and implemented at the Company to assure high quality and efficiency. A troop of renowned scientists and engineering experts at Yoky are working together to continuously pursue technological excellence. The ultimate goal of Yoky company is to put together required competencies and become a leader of filter manufacturing in the 21st century.



公司名稱: (中日合資)深圳永吉濾清器有限公司