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Origlife Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of art lighting lamps. Our lamps are especially suitable for residential and commercial decorative lighting applications.
Our talented designers have comprehensive art and lighting knowledge and experiences. All of our products combine both artistry and practical application: our lamps themselves are rare work of art; they will also give you comfortable lighting enjoy in the night.
All Origlife lamps are designed, built and performance tested to the highest standards in our modern plant. In Origlife, quality is always enjoys the highest priority. Most of our models carry CE, ROHS and UL certificates.
We work closely with our customers to assure competitive pricing and quick delivery. Our sales network includes Pacifica Asia, European, North American, Middle East and Latin America countries and areas.
Origlife is committed to satisfying you, our customer. We dedicate ourselves to your satisfaction as an essential component to your success.



公司名稱: 中山奧瑞燈飾有限公司