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WE ARE IMPORTER, EXPORTER AND MANUFACTURER OF :-The main products are:Furniture Hardwares & Fittings、Knock Down Fittings & Fasteners For Furniture Industry、 Tools For Woodworking、 Tools For Other Industries & Woodworking
、 Knives For Plywood Industries
、 Special Anti-Rust Fasteners & Other Fasteners For Roofing, Plaster Ceiling, Racking, Air-Cond & Refrigeration, Metal Work, Electrical & Other Industries
、 Computer: Casing, Mouse, Keyboard, UPS & etc.


家具輪,家具鎖, 拉手, 餐桌滑軌, 螺絲螺帽, 辦公椅輪,家具配件

公司名稱: 魯班行家具五金有限公司