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YUAN JUN INDUSTRY CO., LTD was found in 1970 with AC-Motor production for 1/3~3HP,. By 1985 we were starting to produce power Hack saw machine in 1990.

In 2001, we concentrate on expanding and getting CE approval for our Band saw machine.

In 2002, we began to cooperate with the Industrial Technology Institute to research new system of NOISE REDUCE SYSTEM to solve the problem of Band sawing machine “NOISE”.

In 2005, during this year, we developed into OEM and cooperated with a Famous and Estimated European Company .Beside, we have successfully applied for patent of the portable band saw. What is called "Noise reduction system", it is useful to reduce the noise for 60% while the machine operating.

In 2007, we have service more than 10item machine.

In 2008, we have produced YCM-150NV.


帶鋸機, 桌上型帶鋸機, 臥式帶鋸機, 臥式鋸床, 鋸床, 金屬切削機, 手提式, 鋼材切割器, 手提式金屬帶鋸機

公司名稱: 圓竣工業股份有限公司