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SHY FENG CO., LTD.(Joong Jya Enterprise Co., Ltd.)has been engaged in the Hand Tools
field for more than 25 years and has earned a very good reputation in the worldwide market.
We hug beliefs that our products be presented with remarkable design and high technology.
Our policy isto provide complete service and satisfy customer's requirements

Research & Development

To bring into exercise with precise process technique and the latest material, we provide light
and handy tools. By our strict production process,we assure you our excellent workmanship
and performance.


To produce first quality hand tools and provide well and long-term after service. As the hand
tools leader in the products we manufacture, we take pride in the contributions of all of our
employess, who are our most valuable assets. This company is under obligation to offer best
working environment, well benefits, and professional training. To search sustainable operation
and modernization are our aim.


套筒, 扳手, 手動工具, 手工具, 扭力扳手, 活動扳手, 旋轉扳手, 套筒扳手及套筒, 氣功扳手及氣功套筒, 一般扳手, 開口扳手, 套筒扳手, 組合扳手, 棘輪套筒扳手, 套筒扳手組/套筒

公司名稱: 祥灃企業有限公司