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Having been engaged in developing and making a wide variety of vacuum pumps for more than two decades, Dashin Technology Industrial exports its products under its own brand "DICK." Lately we've also made a great success in developing innovative vacuum pumps and offering vacuum system planning. Founded in 1978, we were formerly named Dashin Industrial Works, and were engaged in ROTARY vacuum pumps and oilless vacuum pumps in our initial stage. Now due to the surging market demand, we are developing direct-mounted and high-flow vacuum pumps to satisfy the automation and semiconductor industries. Through integrated production system as well as constant product improvement and innovation, we have greatly upgraded the quality and added value of our products, which have established a solid reputation in the international markets. We were formally named Dashin Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. and created the brand "DICK" in 2002, offering superior-quality products and complete after-sales service. After years of effort, we've been highly approved in the field, with agents, distributors, and complete marketing networks all around the world.


馬達、泵浦, 流體機械, 碳精片, 濾清器, 油式及無油式真空幫浦

公司名稱: 達欣技業有限公司