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APEX Motor Corp., established in 2002, and began in the field of manufacture of ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) special the racing bikes. We took a long term program to develop the completely new models and outstanding high performance of engines. We believe our skill of development, quality policy and manufacturing capability will provide the products that are really different to the other companies. Outstanding products are our only adherence


引擎零件, 齒輪變速零件, 化油器, 汽門, 連桿, 連桿、活塞、活塞環、活塞連梢, 曲軸箱蓋, 汽缸, 離合器、離合器零件, 電裝品, 鏈條, 機油幫浦, 煞車零件, 前叉, 避震器, 起動馬達, 鍛造、鑄造件, 其它零件, 金屬零配件, 橡膠零配件, 塑膠零配件

公司名稱: 蚨茂動力有限公司