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Our Vision

Leading Brand - Service,Quality,Affordable.
Our mission

Through the efficient and team work, AutoGauge delicates on providing the various choices of professional gauge to fulfill worldwide demands with affordable proce.
Our Story

Our high exectation on profession and quality is noticeable for everyone in each of our products, actions and thoughts. In Auto Gauge, we provide excellent service over different communication channels to fulfill all demands from our dients. Our identity should deliver strong passion to clients. Therefore any presentation entitled to Auto Gauge needs to exhibit there characteristics in order for to achieve unity and focus the brand at what it for the best.


儀錶, 速率里程錶, 引擎轉運錶, 油量錶, 引擎溫度錶, 油壓錶, 安培錶, 電壓錶, 渦輪錶, LED數字顯示汽車鐘, 改裝車零配件, 古董車零配件, 賽車零配件, 巴士貨車及其他重型車零配件, 堆高機零配件, 農業用機零配件, 軍用車零配件, 其他特殊車種零配件, 測試儀錶

公司名稱: 統矅科技企業有限公司