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Aurora Energy Technology Co. founded in January 2008, we are a leading manufacturer with solar module in Taiwan, producing high quality solar products including customize panels for portable applications, building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) modules and standard PV modules, and solar module system integrated services.

Aurora Energy Technology Co. solar modules with high conversion efficiency, which be installed by Taiwan cell with Monocrystal and Polycrystal of 5" and 6" (such as: Motech, DelSolar ).

Until end of 2008, Aurora Energy Technology Co. can provide 230W Power Rating.

Aurora Energy Technology Co. company statement is focus on environmental protection, therefore we insisted on strict QC inspection for our customers. Meanwhile, Aurora Energy Technology Co. solar module with approved by UL and TUV certification.


空調系統, 交通器材零配件, 彈簧, 滾珠, 軸承, 滾珠螺桿, 線性滑軌, 數位手工具, 表面處理, 灑水器, 太陽能電池/晶片, 太陽能版及相關材料, 火星塞

公司名稱: 旺達科技有限公司
地址: 70169 台南市崇善九街55號
電話: 886-6-260-8820/1
傳真: 886-6-267-9128
網址: www.aurora-solartech.com.tw