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Massoud & Bros. Co., Ltd. (MBC) was founded in 1976 by Antone I. Massoud.

The construction boom in the Middle East during the mid-seventies created a ripe opportunity for MBC, as its business scope expanded from exporting Sundries and Building Materials to manufacturing a small range of Door and Window Hardware.

In the early 80’s, MBC shifted its business scope further, focusing on the development of a wider line of door and window hardware parts and accessories. Also, to maintain a competent business while retaining proper control over the quality and production costs of such a sophisticated operation, MBC formulated strong ties with a number of qualified contract manufacturers.

MBC has created a very unique, integrated, cost-effective production and supply operation. This operation combines our engineering capability, QA procedures, and sales/marketing expertise with the resources of each factory within the satellite sub-contract manufacturing group. It has also allowed MBC to maintain an accelerated sales performance against fierce competition from within Taiwan and other South East Asian Countries.

In 2001, MBC added a new dimension to its competitive strength with the opening of the China Manufacturing Plant, built on a 59,000 sqm. block of land in Guangdong Province. At this plant, MBC manufactures a broader range of products not suitable for production in Taiwan because of prevailing cost factors.

In September 2005, MBC branch operation in Taichung County was relocated to a much larger plant facility in Nantou City's Industrial Park. This move is part of an expansion plan which would help MBC produce more hardware items in flexible quantity volumes within its wholly-owned Taiwan operation.

MBC aims to meet the customers requirements and exceed their expectations; we pride ourselves on providing efficient services to all customers, whether the supplied products are manufactured in Taiwan and/or in China.


掛鉤, 淋浴設備, 衛浴零件, 把手, 鎖類

公司名稱: 六鉅國際股份有限公司