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Colorbeam Co, Ltd is a specialist manufacturer for LED lighting system in entertainment and architectural applications. The company is founded in 2003 and located in Taiwan. One of our goals is to develop safe, energy-efficient and long life performance LED lighting system to create a different color vision in the world.

The company in constant innovates new products by combining state-of the art technology with friendly design. We also concentrate on every production process in order to assure of high reliability in all of product ranges.We are committed to meet the lighting demand of our customers consistently and provide the best solutions with additional benefits.


光二極體, 白光LED, 發光二極體(LED)驅動器, LED燈具, LED燈座, LED顯示器, LED廣告燈箱, 全彩看板

公司名稱: 茂晶科技股份有限公司