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Since its establishment in 1989 in Taichung County, central Taiwan, Ching Pin Enterprise Co., Ltd. Has been dediacted to production of auto repair tools as a veteran supplier in th sector.
Backed by strong expertise, the company supplies a variey of spark plug wrenches and hex socket wrenches, and is able to develop custom designs for special purposes. With recognized quality, the company’s products have been destined for European and Latin American countries and Japan.
To assure its clients of reliable delivery and services, the company installs a full line of lathes, punching machines and milling machines at its factory, and stays constantly focused on production improvement to achieve production efficiency. Also, the company is committed to competitive prices, willingly providing th most economical solutions to its clients in the market.
The compay now welcomes inquiries for long-term co-operation with overseas customers on an OEM(original equipment manufacturing)basis, in hopes of building mutually beneficial partnership.


火星塞套筒, 火星塞用扳手, 套筒扳手

公司名稱: 青彬企業有限公司