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Established in 1998 in according with the sincere concept and continuous operation in offering excellent quality , soonest service and on time delivery to the whole world of customers.
We expect to become the best manufacturer and supplier of all kind of fasteners and AUTO Parts.
DEC/1998 William Specialty , parent company ,located in Kaohsiung County and started by manufacturing and sell of all kind of screws and AUTO parts
FEB/1999 Built up our own packing factory ,and enlarge out plant into 1900 square meters , output Increased to almost 600 tons per month ,marketing to Europe, US, East Asia & Australia .
JAN/2001 Certified by BS EN ISO9001:2000
FEB/2001 subscribed long term contract with CSC to secure steel allocation with a quantity of 1500 ton per quarter
SEP/2005 Qualified by ISO 9001
JUN/2006 Purchased a plant location about 12,500 square meters and capacity forecast up to 1200 tons per month
JUN/2006 established and obtained Testing Lab and coached by Taiwan accreditation Foundation (TAF)
NOV/2007 Started to construct new pew plant
FEB/2008 Qualified by TAF certification
FEB/2009 New plant was built up and into production


螺絲, 螺栓, 鎖緊件NES, 螺帽, 螺釘, 華司, 衝壓, 金屬成型加工, 墊圈, 牙條棒


公司名稱: 威力寶貿易股份有限公司
地址: 80142 高雄市前金區七賢二路398號17樓之1
電話: 886-7-281-2668
傳真: 886-7-221-6000
網址: www.we-power.com.tw