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Janstone Enterprise Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Taiwan with the aim to offer a comprehensive range of professional hand tools and automotive tools. Our company has measurable expertise to enter discussions with potential clients to develop a quality range of branded products for their domestic market. Our strength flows our socket manufacturing expertise, the fundamental building block of a hand tool range, including automotive specialty tools and garage equipment.

We offer OEM/ODM, Product Range Development and Packaging/Catalogue Design. Over the past decade, Janstone Product Range has grown to over 2,000 quality lines. These products are tough enough to take on most challenging trade related activities.

Our company is able to quickly comprehend customer needs, and with personnel able to communicate quickly and clearly to provide the completed product ensuring customer satisfaction thereby ensuring continued support based on mutual gains.

Janstone represents Quality, Value & the Best Choice for tools in the premium quality segment.


手工具組, 檢測工具, 工具包, 船舶裝修工具, 機車維修工具, 工具包/工具袋/箱

公司名稱: 全通企業有限公司