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These are the three principles of our R&D department. Our engineers build these guidelines into every one of our products. We create new products according to market demand and customer inquiries.

Our goods are backed by eight years of OEM experience.

Monthly Capacity: Three million pieces
Monthly Output: One million pieces
Minimum Order: 10,000 pieces
Main OEM Customers: Sure, Panasonic

Our R&D efforts have earned New Tide worldwide patents
Five QC dedicated staff ensure the perfection and quality of our products. With two staff members in charge of our components division and two staff overseeing the quality and delivery of our finished goods, you can be assured of total satisfaction.

Every step of the production process is governed by standard regulations. Our test standards are run according to MIL-STD-202E.
Procedures/Testing Details:
Current ratio
Dielectric withstanding
Insulation resistance
Voltage drop
Moisture & Temperature Cycling
Corrosion resistance
Coating thickness
Design, size, configuration, material


電源供應器, 電子零組件暨製造設備, 插頭, 插座及其他, 電腦與週邊設備, 電容器, 音響設備, 汽車音響

公司名稱: 帝公企業有限公司