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We have been manufactured and exported automotive brake friction products, especially in BRAKE PADS and BRAKE SHOES to international marketplace for decades. Our goal is keeping unmatched innovation capability and a strong determination to be the best in quality, function, and price to satisfy and benefit our customers.

We have developed a comprehensive line of products for vehicles including Passenger cars, Commercial vehicles, RV, SUV, Light trucks, Heavy-Duty trucks, applicable for a wide range of Japanese, American, European & Korean car.

We have a team for OEM Customized presucts. Please send us drawings or samples for development.

In order to satisfy and benefit each customer, we have an export alliance for outstanding Taiwan-made auto parts. We offer a broad range of high quality auto spare parts at competitive price and rapid delivery that can offer you what you are looking for.


碟式剎車片, 鼓式剎車片, 燃油泵, 水泵, 汽缸套, 活塞, 活塞環, 引擎汽門, 離合器總泵分泵, 剎車總泵分泵, 球頭, 懸掛球接頭, 方向機內拉桿球頭總成, 轉向機拉桿球頭總成, 架接, 避震器, 防塵套, 離合器線, 手剎車鋼索, 加油線, 電瓶線

公司名稱: 運圓國際股份有限公司