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About us
We are the leading automobile A/C Compressor Parts specialized manufacturer in Taiwan and set up the company in 1997. Starting from marketing our products in Taiwan local market by our own sales team, we are now penetrating into international market by our own br and "CMB" which already won good fame in US and Japan market. Offering customer with Quality Products, Competitive Pricing and Speedy Service are what we always bearing in mind..

Please contact our International Sales Department for more detail information.

Your customize product and enquiry are welcome.


空調系統, 橡膠O環, 油封製造, 各種金屬精密加工開發, 汽車冷媒壓縮機專用HNBR橡膠、油封, 各類改良零件及汽機車零件

公司名稱: 台灣熤冠軸承有限公司