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Race Mold is a professional manufacturer of Molds & Dies. Our highly trained personnel combine yearly craftsmanship with new technology to produce the finest Molds & Dies in the world. With our talented craftsman and our proven methods, we can assure maximum performance and tool life with every tool we build. At all our manufacturing facilities, Race Mold guarantees the best value on prototype tooling, production tooling and engineering changes.
With our efficient procedure & response, we can also provide the fastest turnaround time possible. Our flexibility with today's technologies, knowledge & experience with tooling, and our 100% attention, allows Race Mold to constantly deliver top-quality Molds & Dies at a competitive cost.
Because "time to market" is important to our customers we are committed to providing at all of our manufacturing facilities. At Race Mold, we will meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. This is one of the things that has made us leaders in the Plastic Injection Mold Making Industry.
As a reliable company, more and more customers choose Race Mold as an OEM vendor for various precision Molds & Dies.
Race Mold is a qualified company for your request in Taiwan.
We invite you to join Race Mold World for more successful business.


金屬沖壓模具, 壓鑄模具, 熱塑性塑膠射出模具及成型, 各式塑膠射出模具, 沖壓模具

公司名稱: 銳盟實業有限公司