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In year 2003, the company setup Chou Chin Plastic & Hardware Electronic Co., Ltd. in China. This business unit focuses on developing “Radio Controlled Clock & Watch Movement”. With heavy investing on R&D, and cutting edge technology innovation, we have granted several patents from Germany, Taiwan and China on Radio Controlled movement. This has indicated a clear leadership position in the industry.

Based upon the success of Radio Controlled Movement, the company starts developing the world's first “Analog + Digital GPS Watch Movement” in 2009. Since then, several patents have been granted in Germany, Taiwan and China. Nowadays, the company has become a specialist in the GPS watches territory. We are capable to product full OEM/ODM services from watch design and assembly to watch movement production.


衛星導航儀 (含汽車及個人), 生理監視器, 智慧手錶

公司名稱: 洲晉企業有限公司