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Our company was set up in 1998, which has accumulated over a decade's experience in profession production far before the establishment. The purpose of setting up the company is to invent more new products and to cooperate with our dients it terms of R & D and imporvement of the products. At present our main items indude screwdrivers, BIT driver sets, barrel sleeves, lead tails, electric tool accessories (welding, wood flat drill, pocket saw, cement drill, etc.) Besides the sales of the present products, our company lauches newinvented patent products every year. Though we are such a new company, we understand well of the market needs and concentrate on research and improvement of the drwbacks of the exitsting tools on the market. Our company also has a group of sophisti-cated development personnel and testing equipment to ensure that our product quality complys with the strictest requirements and can meet the international standard.


裁剪工具/配件, 套筒, 電子修護工具, 鑽孔工具, 扳手, 工具箱/盒, 螺絲起子/配件, 手動工具配件, 電鑽, 打包工具/配件, 自動螺絲起子, 電動測試器起子, 螺帽起子, 磁力起子, 觸摸式螺絲起子, 條紋螺絲起子, 可敲擊螺絲起子, 棘輪起子, 精密起子, 精密珠寶起子, 起子刀頭, 扭力起子, 附燈起子, 起子鎚, 安全玻璃鏡片/護目鏡, 工作手套, 電動工具配件, 氣動工具配件, 峪億, 工具組, T把快脱BITS工具組, 氣動單頭工具組, 氣動螺絲起子組, 汽修工具組, 六角扳手組, L型/三角/折疊式/旗杆型 短梅花扳手, 組合套筒扳手, 鏟狀鉗, 管鉗, 多功能小刀鋸刀組


外銷市場: 全球
公司類型: 製造商
公司名稱: 峪億五金股份有限公司