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Gold Bridge, a professional car & motorcycle accessories supplier and manufacturer, located in Taichung, Taiwan.

We provide integrated services ranging from design, development and take any kind of OEM/ODM requirements/orders from customers.

Our main goal is to completely satisfy customers with quality, innovation and professional service.

Contact us now and let us be your best partner.

■ Product Lines
 - Car Accessories
 - Motorcycle Parts & Accessories
 - Motorcycle Mirror
 - Motorcycle Handlebar
 - Roof Rack Rails
 - Ski Holder


車頂架, 機車用方向把手, 機車用後視鏡, 摩托車配件, 摩托車零件


生產模式: ODM 設計加工, OBM 自有品牌
公司名稱: 金橋工具有限公司