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PATTA has been proudly representing its brand for nearly 30 years, as well as establishing a strong foundation both in Taiwan and China as the core of its business enterprise and manufacturing units. Now, in order to gain another foothold into the global territory as an international business group, and to share our high quality products even more successfully with the rest of the world, we are proudly launching our brand, complete with our high quality product line, here on a B2B platform.

From now on, our customers will be able to experience our first grade service, and learn more about our extensive inventory and prompt service, from this new system that offers a 24 hr online web ordering facility. WWW.PATTAB2B.COM will give each and all of our customers the opportunity to check stock, receive instant quotations and replies, place orders, monitor order statuses and access available certification and reports all without having to dial a single number or wait on hold.

With over two decades of manufacturing experience, we have gained the confidence and ability to manage complete systems from beginning design to completed production. We believe that an unwavering standard of guaranteed quality, competitive pricing plus a prompt delivery system will keep this purchasing system to make continuous progress and expand rapidly. On this website, every order, small or large counts, and will be handled with equal precision and quality.

To assist our customers in different business fields, our creative concept of marketing and promotion will be launched from time to time. The gate of the web is wide open and you're more than welcome to step in and experience PATTA's outstanding service, quality and business philosophy.


螺絲, 手動鉚釘槍, 關門器, 鉚釘, 空/油壓鉚釘機, 鉚釘螺帽工具, 起子刀頭, 鑽頭, 套筒扳手組/套筒, 鐵捲尺, 抽芯鉚釘, 混凝土螺絲, 自攻螺絲, 纖維板螺絲釘, 拔梢螺絲釘, 不銹鋼螺絲, 農業用螺絲釘, 自鑽自攻螺釘, 一般氣動工具, 螺絲起子, 建材五金

公司名稱: 煒鈞實業有限公司