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Chang Yi Bolt is a Taiwan-based fastener manufacturer. it was established in 1987 by Mr. Hsin Deng Chen and Ms. Bertha Lee. Chang Yi is located in Gangshan, Kaohsiung where is the biggest scale of fastener valley. It was a small scale factory with few employees and now it becomes one of most competitive screw and fastener manufacturer in GangShan Area. In 2013, Citi TV selected eight of the most competitive fastener manufacturers field and take a series of video clips. Chang Yi was one of the eight. Due to strict quality control and delivery-on-time policies Chang Yi earns good reputation in the markets. Our main export markets cover Europe, South America, North America and Australia.


銅螺絲(栓), 馬車螺絲, 塑板螺絲

公司名稱: 長益螺絲股份有限公司