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Quality and service to our customers

For 27 years, what has driven us to success was our insistence on quality and service to our customers. From automotive components to plastic fasteners, we serve several industries and markets globally to satisfy their sourcing needs. Amko covers various manufacturing processes to turn our customers' designs into essential products and services.

Today Amko continues to add value to our customers by providing innovative solutions to serve their new needs in emerging market places. We leverage our material know-how and manufacturing expertise to discover the most suitable answer to our customers' goals.

We turn your innovation into reality.


腳輪, 組合式刀具、工具櫃、車, 機械用手輪、手把製造, 金屬成型加工, 衝壓, 壓鑄, 鑄件, 鍛件, 塑膠零件, 橡膠零件, 模具, 光管/螢光燈

公司名稱: 勝方實業股份有限公司