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Sysgration provides a wide range of products and technology solutions to serve our customers. We produce many kinds of Car Entertainment Products, such as Headrest Monitor, Roof mount and DVD Player. With 30 years technical experience, flexible manufacturing and ISO-9001:2000/QS-9000 certificated capability. Sysgration offer ODM / OEM services to meet your unique requirements of custom-made, high quality, reliability and time to market.


滑鼠, 鍵盤, 車用影音系統, TFT, LCD, 數位相框, 車用電腦及週邊設備, 影音視聽系統及配件, 車裝娛樂系統, 汽車娛樂及安全系統, 車用電腦及週邊設備, 彩色監視器, 液晶顯示器, 數位光碟機, 抬頭顯示器, VCD DVD 放映機, 數位電視

公司名稱: 系統電子工業股份有限公司