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We specialize in producing the complete range of equipment for flexible foam manufacturing. Our product range comprises manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic userfriendly machines engineered for quality production, reliable performance and long life. The foam cutting accuracy and value match the best in the industry. We have already supplied foaming plants to units in India, Africa and Carribean subcontinents.


聚氨脂泡綿機, 塑膠泡綿機械, 廢料回收再生設備, 平頂連續式自動攪拌機, 自動形體水平垂直兩用裁切機 (含入料出料輸送帶), 自動廢料聚合機 (含自動模桶裝置), 自動圓盤型水平裁切機, 強力型凹凸剖面裁切機含送料及捲取裝置, 自動注料攪拌機含智慧型模桶, 強力型泡棉環切機及自動裁斷堆疊系統, 海綿塊壓縮包裝機, 自動打洞機, 電腦式車花機, 縫邊機 (加高型), 長捲平切機

公司名稱: 榮全化工機械有限公司