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Located in Hemei, Changhua, known as the textile capital of Taiwan, we have been working in strapping manufacturing for generations. We recently expanded our business to include plastic accessories for lanyard production. We are now a premium manufacturer of durable lanyards, retractable badge reels, special events badge holders & passes, and more. From schools to universities, Fortune 500 companies to government agencies, our products are always in demand! Why? They offer industry- leading quality at affordable prices with reliable delivery. Take the time to view our product range online; many components for custom configurations are available and our customer service staff is ready to help your requests become reality.


識別證帶, 識別證伸縮夾 / 伸縮扣, 識別證袋 / 識別證套, 識別/證件套 及 塑膠零件配件, 扣環, 彩色吊帶, 提花吊帶 / 聚酯吊帶 / 掛帶 & 塑膠吊扣, 識別證掛扣, 伸縮易拉扣, 伸縮識別證帶扣, 口哨, 手機飾品, 廣告贈品 / 促銷品, 證件掛繩套 / 卡套, 証件套, 塑膠商品牌帶 / 手錶帶, 織帶識別證帶 / 眼鏡繩 / 掛繩, 塑膠硬錶帶, 軟織帶 / 廠牌帶

公司名稱: 緯絡織帶配件有限公司