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Since 1987 Tops CCC have been manufacturing and supplying quality products that incorporate the latest technology to the worldwide. Moreover, we have OEM service provided that meeting different requirement from clients. Our product lines include a wide variety of products such as Main Board, VGA card, I/O interface, etc. For keeping you ahead of the competition, we continue to develop innovative items designed to meet current market demands.

Now we are also in Industry PC business. We divide into IPC and PC departments and have an excellent R&D team for IPC. Our products include Remote Data Acquisition & Control Modules, TCP/IP system, Internet Embedded Controller, Embedded Board, SBC, etc. We expect our IPC business will grow 30% every year and replace PC business within two years. Next June, we will make more effort on System integration, Optic-micro-mechanical-electrical, OEM and ODM. TOPS CCC must be your best partner in IPC business.


工業個人電腦, I/O 配接卡, 保全性系統, 主機板, 系統電路板, 乙太網路, 通用串列匯流排擴充器

公司名稱: 旭蒙科技股份有限公司