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Established in 1986, Zona Development Co. supplies furniture including cabinets, shelves, storage carts, bathroom trolleys, racks, TV stands, desks, baby & children’s furniture, as well as parts and accessories, among others.

Unlike many Taiwanese peers, we’ve kept production in Taiwan, with a workforce of about 30 persons and advanced automated machinery for molding, bending, sawing, pressing, welding, drilling, and plastic injection.

Working hard to upgrade efficiency and management, we are ISO 9001 certified and have earned 20 patents for unique structures of products. Meeting ever-changing market trends, our strong R&D team keeps enhancing product quality and functionality, regularly developing new, innovative items.

1) Was established in 1986
2) Products: bathroom shelf, storage, cart and cabinet.
3) Material: steel, aluminum, glass, plastic and wood.
4) Area of factory: 3500 square meter.
5) Employees: 30 persons.
6) Quality control systems: ISO 9001
7) Patent: about 20 patents for the structure of products.
8) Machine equipment: Plastic injection machine X 2
Mold division X 1
Bending Machine X 2
Press machine X 5
Sawing machine X 2
Welding machine X 3
Drilling machine X 3
The plan for the future: In order to reduce the cost of products. We are striving for production automation. Especially focus in plastic injection.


櫥櫃, 金屬櫥櫃, 馬桶架, 各式鋁架, 金屬棚架, 茶几/桌, 展示架/櫃, 餐車, 雨傘架, 玻璃展示架/櫃, 衣帽架, 彰駿, 酒櫃, CD架, 浴室收納架, 置物櫃, 醫藥儲藏櫃, 吊掛式置物架, 毛巾架, 伸縮置物架, 鞋架


外銷市場: 全球
公司類型: 製造商
公司名稱: 彰駿企業有限公司